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Children are high among those that are most vulnerable at risk. Poor children in general do not have communities or services designed specifically for them and are therefore very vulnerable to the risks and dangers that pervade their lives.

Of this group, it is children with disabilities – children either born with a genetic condition that affected their physical, mental or social development, or who have sustained functional consequences - that are among those most adversely affected. If a society is judged not on the situation of its wealthiest but on how it treats its most vulnerable then Belize has some way to go in re-dressing the situation of its poorest children and therein children with a disability.

With the construction of the Inspiration Center, Belize will is now able to provide a necessary service to children with disabilities where once there were only very limited opportunities for children to receive much-needed therapy.

~Mrs. Kim Simplis-Barrow
Special Envoy for Women and Children & Global Ambassador for Special Olympics

Photo of the Month

Taylin Figueroa edited

Taylin Figueroa

Taylin Figueroa is a bright and active 4 year old. She attends speech sessions at The Inspiration Center one time per week and is always excited to learn and practice new sounds. Taylin enjoys activities that include coloring and gluing. She likes speech homework and practicing her new sounds at home. Taylin has a speech delay. She is making great progress on her articulation!

Inspiration Quote of the Week

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot
be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the

Helen Keller