The Inspiration Center

International Inter-professional Student Elective Program




The Inspiration Center Student Elective Program endeavors to provide a forum, context, and alternative Belizean educational experience to foreign nationals. The four week curriculum offers interdisciplinary learning focusing on the pediatric population from birth to 16 years.

Students from many disciplines, (Medical, Physician Assistants, Physical Therapists, Speech Therapists, Public Health, and Social Work) will complete a four week rotation that will include cultural immersion, field trips, mobile clinics, home visits, community education, didactic discussions, reflection, faculty and staff presentations, readings, and clinical rotations. Students are expected to understand, appreciate, recognize, develop and apply knowledge; compare and contrast psychological, spiritual, and biological health outcomes, cultures, and medical and rehabilitation approaches.

Core Curriculum Areas of Learning

  1. Belizean Culture and Health Care System
  2. Global/Public Health and Social Determinants
  3. Clinical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Resource limited environments
  4. Interdisciplinary Learning

Program Goals

  • To prepare students with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes to succeed in a global context and environment through intercultural and interdisciplinary learning.
  • To increase our outreach services to more Belizean children with disabilities and their families in rural settings.
  • To make The Inspiration Center and its services sustainable for the future.
  • CLINICAL- Direct patient care including acute illnesses, therapeutic interventions, disease prevention and referrals in outpatient clinical setting and in community based settings.
  • COMMUNITY- Outreach and education to urban and rural villages and towns in Northern, Central, Western and Southern Belize through home visits and mobile clinics, community education, and health fairs using Community based rehabilitation (CBR) model of care embraced by the World Health Organization.
  • EDUCATION- Transformative teaching of our students, and volunteers how to practice in a resource challenged, culturally diverse setting.